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If you have recently been the victim of a workplace injury, the most important thing to do is report the incident to your employer. Your health is the number one priority and reporting the incident will accelerate the timeline of receiving medical treatment. The next step is to contact a San Diego attorney who specializes in Workers’ Compensation. An attorney will look out for your best interest, ensure you understand all of your rights and help to maximize your compensation.

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What Some of Our Clients are Saying

“Working with George, Rosario and everybody else at The House of Worker’s Comp has been a very good experience, you will feel like you are working with someone who cares about you, and pays attention to your problems and go far and beyond to help you. The minute you walk into their office you will realize that their entire staff is bilingual and no matter who you speak with they will give you the time and attention you deserve.”


“Bill Bissell is a great guy and really knows his stuff. If you have been hurt on the job and meed representation this is a fine attorney’s office.”


“Bill and Rosario are willing to fight for you’re rights.”


“Best Workers Compensation in San Diego !!! A+ Keep up great work !!!”


“Best Workers Compensation in San Diego!”


“Me gustaría compartir mi experiencia en la Casa de Compensación de los trabajadores. A veces todos necesitamos una representación legal, un amigo mío me refirió con ellos por su experiencia positiva que había tenido. Desde el principio hasta el final de mi caso me han tratado con seriedad, respeto y profesionalismo. Los abogados, el personal y asociados están bien informados y eficiente por no hablar de cortesía. La señorita Rosario Valdez es impresionante!”

JOSE Z • Los felicito por su trabajo dedicado a mi caso

“Yo no estaba recibiendo mis cheques de discapacidad y me fue negado mi tratamiento médico. Gracias a la Casa de Compensación de Trabajadores he recibido mis cheques de discapacidad y me han autorizado mi tratamiento médico. Gracias a La Casa de Compensación por toda su ayuda.”

ROSA M • Gracias por tu servicio

“I am very pleased with bill bissel at the house of workers compensation. He treated my case very seriously and was there for me every step of the way!Couldn’t have had a better experience anywhere else!The Staff there was stellar! They are a great outfit and in my opinion there isn’t anyone better outthere!I ran across many people in my travels who told me stories of subpar workcomp Lawyers!Don’t waste your time with anyone else!”


Areas of Workers’ Compensataion

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Carpal Tunnel

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Filing a Claim

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Workers Comp

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If you have suffered an on-the-job injury, you may be eligible for medical treatment and temporary disability payments. These funds are paid by your employer’s insurance company. This is known as workers’ compensation.
No matter what your situation is, our first steps will be to make sure you receive timely and appropriate medical treatment at no cost to you

Experienced and ethical representation!

If you speak Spanish or English, regardless of your legal status, if you were injured at work, had an accident or suffered work-related injuries, we are here to serve you. Our staff consists of attorneys who speak both English and Spanish and have more than 20 years of Workers’ Compensation experience. Call me today if you are not receiving your financial benefits or are behind.

We are Advocates for Injured Workers

Report your injury immediately to maximize your compensation. Contact a competent attorney today to start the process of filing your claim.  

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