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Helping Workers Compensation Injury Claims

workers compensation attorneysThe workers comp lawyers at our San Diego workers compensation law firm are dedicated to representing injured workers covered under the jurisdiction of the California Workers Compensation Appeals Board only. Almost all employers fall within the jurisdiction of the California Workers Compensation Appeals Board.  However, some exceptions apply. Examples are employee’s working for the federal government and employee’s working for some Federal Indian Reservations. Besides this, most fall under the jurisdiction we can help you with.

Our commitment to workers compensation injuries only allows us to better serve our clients as our work injury lawyers, workers compensation attorneys, and denied workers compensation claim lawyers can specialize in one area of the law without having to deal with other areas that might contradict the rules of our specialty.

Having one area of expertise also allows us to stay on top of the current trends of the business and keep our clients informed about continuing changes. One of our motto’s is that the “proof is in our product.” The motto stands for results vs just words.  Although we think we can impress you if given the chance to meet, were confident our best result will be the product we show you.  

Please understand that we represent people with just about any injury that may cause permanent disability.  However, the following are some of the more common types of injuries we cover.

With this, please do not hesitate to see what your rights truly are no matter how severe the injury and give us a call.  We handle essentially all work related injuries but below are some of the more common ones we help injured workers with.

Spinal Injury

Helping Workers Compensation Spinal Injury Claim

back injury lawyerOur office has years and years of experience handling workers compensation spinal injuries. Such injuries can be devastating to ones career.

We certainly understand and are here to help. We know excellent spinal specialists in San Diego and can make sure you are provided with the best care possible. Spinal injuries are also the body part that has yielded some of the best settlements we have.

When having an injury and going through the system without an expert WC lawyer on your side can really hurt your case. Don’t let the insurance companies steer you in a direction that will be detrimental to your overall well being. Contact us for help. We’d appreciate hearing from you and are confident you will feel much more educated about your case upon a consult.

Upper Extremity Injuries

Helping Workers Compensation Upper Extremity Injury Claim

work injury lawyerFrom finger to shoulder injuries, we know ones upper extremities are vital to being productive. Many insurance companies downplay the significance of upper extremity injuries. Not us.

We know several upper extremity specialists that understand the complexities that come with upper extremity injuries.

Don’t let the insurance companies down play your injury. We are here and ready to maximize your care and get the best result possible.

Lower Extremity Claims

Helping Workers Compensation Lower Extremity Injury Claim

hip injury lawyerFrom the hip to the toes, we have years upon years of experience handling lower extremity injuries. Whether having surgery or not, having the best surgeon possible as your treating physician is crucial to your long term recovery.  

Also, total hip and knee surgeries can really improve ones long term quality of life when done correctly. The short term recovery period does appear painful but the long term effects can be very beneficial.

You worried your injury to your hip, leg, knee, ankle, or even toe is going to cause you long term complications, please call as we’d like to hear from you.

Cumulative Trauma Claims

We Can Help you with Filing a Claim for Workers Compensation

workers comp lawyersInjured workers often times do not know that repetitive injuries are just as viable as specific injuries. In other words, one does not have to prove that something specific happened at work in order to get workers compensation benefits.

Wear and tear or simply the repetitiveness of ones job is enough in itself to cause legitimate injuries.

If your job duties are causing you to break down or has caused you injury even though nothing specific has happened, please do not let this prevent you from calling us. We can help and are confident we can get you the benefits you deserve.

Denied Claim

We Can Help You Get What You Deserve on Your Denied Claim!

denied claim workers comp lawyersDon’t ever let an insurance company convince you that you have no rights just because your case is denied. We have a proven track record of getting most denied cases accepted.

In fact, not only do we regularly get denied cases accepted, we get injured workers all the benefits they are entitlement to under the California Labor Code. We take pride on this specific scenario and would like to show you how we can get your case accepted.

If you have a denied workers compensation case and believe it is work related, please call us. You still have rights.

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