San Diego Knee Injury Lawyer

San Diego knee injury lawyer

Anyone is at risk of getting a workers’ comp knee injury. Workers who rely on their knee joints more than the average person are at an even greater risk. This includes people who are on their feet for extended hours such as nurses or those working in manufacturing. Truck drivers and construction workers are also at a greater risk of workplace knee injuries. The repetitive actions of pressing and releasing pedals or of moving heavy equipment can cause sudden or gradual knee injuries to occur.

People don’t always realize how much they rely on their knees to perform their jobs. Recovery from these injuries often takes months or years. During this period, the person may not be able to return to the same job they did before the injury. This is why consulting with a San Diego knee injury lawyer or work injury lawyer following an injury in the workplace is so important.

The Nature of Workers’ Comp Knee Injury

To qualify as a workers’ comp injury, it must be a result of your work-related duties. The injury might be the result of a single accident or repeated use over time. You might not even realize initially that you have a knee injury. Your symptoms and the impact of your injury depend on the type and severity of the injury. Some of the most common knee injuries include:

Cartilage Tears – Cartilage, called the ‘meniscus,’ sits between the bones in your knee to add cushioning. Over-extending the meniscus can cause it to tear. The initial symptoms range from feeling nothing at all to feeling severe pain and/or the feeling that your knee is giving out beneath you.

Ligament Tears – Ligaments are bands of fibers that connect bones to other bones. Injuries to the ligaments often result from twisting. When over-stretched, the ligament can tear away from the bone. These injuries are especially painful and the most severe ones require surgical repair.

Tendon Tears & Tendonitis – Tendons connect bone to muscle. The patellar tendon in the front of the knee is vulnerable to tears from wear-and-tear. Damage can also occur from impacts to the front of the knee. When the tendon becomes inflamed, ‘patellar tendonitis’ occurs. Sometimes recurrences of tendonitis result in tears to the tendon.

Healing from a Workers’ Comp Knee Injury

Healing from a knee injury takes time, the appropriate medical treatment, and rest. All those things depend on your ability to get the compensation you need to cover your expenses. When you rely on your knee to perform your job duties, an injury can prevent you from earning an equivalent or any income at all.

If you have a work-related knee injury, contact a workers compensation attorney at our San Diego workers compensation law firm. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your workers’ comp knee injury. A California workers’ comp attorney can help you understand your rights. Get the compensation you deserve to help you heal from your work-related knee injury.

If you are having problems with your claim or it has even been denied, reach out to a denied workers compensation claim lawyer at our firm. Our knee injury lawyers will fight for your rights to ensure you get the compensation for your injury you deserve.

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