Workplace COVID-19 Infections in San Diego

workplace covid attorney in san diegoMany in California remain unaware of the fact that Covid 19 (Coronavirus) caught while at work is a work-related injury.  With this, the injured worker is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.  Additionally, many cases end up causing permanent damage to one’s body.  Such cases could entitle the injured worker to a monetary Award.

Also, in the case of death from Covid 19 caught at work, any dependents of the deceased are entitled to collect death benefits.

If you or someone you know got Covid 19 from work or think that they may have gotten Covid-19 from work, they can call our San Diego worker’s compensation attorneys for a free consult.  You or a loved one could be entitled to a substantial monetary award.

In California Workers Compensation, if an applicant or a dependent of a deceased does not file a workers compensation claim with the Workers Compensation Appeals Board within 5 years of the date of injury or, in the case of catching Covid-19, they often lose the right to ever file such a claim.  Filing a claim post 5 years of the injury does not always disqualify an applicant from benefits but often does.

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