Workers’ Comp Claims

Workers Compensation Claim Time Limit to File

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People get hurt on the job in a lot of different ways. The workers’ comp claim time limit is the same regardless of the severity of your injuries. The time limit, called the 'statute of limitations,' is different in every state. If you fail to file a claim during the allotted time frame, you could

PTSD Workers Comp Claim

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Injuries that fall under the heading of workers’ compensation aren’t always limited to physical symptoms. A post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD workers’ comp claim can pay you more benefits if you qualify. Basically, workers’ comp injuries are those that take place at the worksite or while an employee is acting on behalf of the employer.

Can You File a Claim for Workers Compensation Depression?

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When you think of a workplace injury, a physical injury to the back, the skin, or the lungs often come to mind.  Too often, the occurrence of workers compensation depression gets overlooked. That’s because most people don’t recognize depression as the serious type of mental injury that it is. When you receive a physical injury

Workplace Injury Lawyer │ Top Ten Critical Mistakes to Avoid

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You don’t have to work in an obviously dangerous workplace to have an accident that results in injury. When you get an injury from an accident at work, a workplace injury lawyer can help. They know the common mistakes that can ruin your workers' compensation case. Everything you say and do from the time of

Do I Need a Workers’ Comp Lawyer? Understanding the Variables

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The workers' compensation process was designed to be administrative and somewhat easy for laypeople to navigate, but if your case isn't "cut and dried", it may be in your best interest to retain a workers' compensation lawyer. This guide sets out the most common factors to determine whether or not you should seek legal advice

How to Handle a Back Injury at the Workplace

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The very nature of how our spines work accounts for the high number of people who get a back injury at the workplace every year. The complex structure makes it possible to cause injury and subsequent pain even from simple movements. It probably isn’t news that lifting heavy items and turning from side-to-side can cause

Workers’ Comp Claim Denied │ Reasons Why and Next Steps

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The basis for any Workers’ Comp claim is to obtain money for medical bills and missed salary due to an injury received at work. Was your Workers' Comp Claim Denied?  We understand this can be a devastating blow to the injured party. Preparing before you complete and submit a claim can help you prevent having

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