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Can You File a Claim for Workers Compensation Depression?

When you think of a workplace injury, a physical injury to the back, the skin, or the lungs often come to mind.  Too often, the occurrence of workers compensation depression gets overlooked. That’s because most people don’t recognize depression as

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Workplace Injury Lawyer │ Top Ten Critical Mistakes to Avoid

You don’t have to work in an obviously dangerous workplace to have an accident that results in injury. When you get an injury from an accident at work, a workplace injury lawyer can help. They know the common mistakes that

Workers’ Comp Attorney San Diego │ What to Expect from a Good Workers’ Comp Attorney

You’ve made an appointment to talk with a workers' comp attorney in San Diego. Now what? It’s most likely your first work-related injury and you don’t know a lot about which steps to take next. Failing to know what to

Do I Need a Workers’ Comp Lawyer? Understanding the Variables

The workers' compensation process was designed to be administrative and somewhat easy for laypeople to navigate, but if your case isn't "cut and dried", it may be in your best interest to retain a workers' compensation lawyer. This guide sets

How to Handle a Back Injury at the Workplace

The very nature of how our spines work accounts for the high number of people who get a back injury at the workplace every year. The complex structure makes it possible to cause injury and subsequent pain even from simple

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